Carmel Healthy Neighborhoods Alliance

“It is our collective goal & individual responsibility to preserve and tend to a world in which we all live. “

 -Dalai Lama

Making Carmel and our world a cleaner & safer place to Live, Work, & Play

It is our ethos to keep the place we live a safe & healthy environment for us and for future generations. We believe wherever we call home, that it is a safe place to raise your family, retire & reflect on a life well-lived, or a retreat from the city and chaos of this world.

About Us

The Carmel Healthy Neighborhoods Alliance came into being after my West Clay neighbors and I learned the City of Carmel lacked the protection from gas station health impacts adopted by Hamilton County and many other jurisdictions throughout the U.S.

It used to be that groundwater pollution due to underground storage tank (UST) leaks was the big environmental concern with respect to gas stations.  While advances in tank design and leak detection have improved, there were still 172 UST leaks in the state of Indiana last year alone.

Over the last decade, a number of scientific studies have shown that the public health impact of gas stations is far greater than previously thought.  These impacts are primarily from the release of benzene and other harmful compounds into the air from storage tank vents and at the pump when we fill our cars.  These emissions cause adverse health effects ranging from nausea to cancer to low birth weight.  The young and old are particularly at risk.

Together, we partnered with the Community of Environmental Defense Services (CEDS) to help us create protective measures to keep our Carmel neighborhoods safe from environmental pollutants and environmental health hazards, such as developments of gas stations. Our encouragement to our city leaders, is how can we have responsible development without negatively impacting the health and well-being of it’s residents?

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”
- Helen Keller

If you are interested in keeping Carmel a healthy place to live and enjoy. Please sign the Carmel Healthy Neighborhoods Alliance petition below.  We really need your help & support in making safety around new gas stations in Carmel a reality.

Better Together

The petition calls on the City of Carmel to require a 500-foot public health safety zone for new gas stations. Recent studies have shown that benzene and other compounds released from gas stations can affect the health of those living up to 500 feet away. With six of the 22 Carmel zoning districts allowing gas stations, most neighborhoods are potentially at risk. The proposed safety zone will not prohibit new gas stations in Carmel. Instead, it will guide these essential retail establishments to locations where we gain the benefits without jeopardizing the health of our neighbors.

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While our current focus is on gas stations, we are committed to the health and well being of all in the Carmel area; now and in the future.  With that in mind, we will consider supporting causes and groups in the future which we believe are working toward the improvement of the health, well being, and environment of Carmel and for the benefit of all.


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